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Posted by: moffat, you troll Sep 8 2011, 03:32 PM
1. While registering, sign up with your character's first and last name in lower case. In this process, you're only allowed to post an application until you are accepted. For show canons, the PBs must be those in the show. For the others, we're open to options.

2. The canon list is first come, first reserve. If you register as a canon, but don't reserve him/her and someone else does reserve, then I'm afraid we're going to go with the person who reserved. That's what reserves are there for. If there is a show canon not on the list but you'd like to play, that's perfectly fine i.e. Rex Matheson, Captain John Hart, The Master and so on. As long as you give a good reason why they are there. Reservations last for three days.

3. NEW RULE: After registering, you have a week to post some kind of application, even if it's not finished. Otherwise, your account will be deleted. Once your application is posted, as long as you are working on it, it will stay. If you simply throw up an unfinished application and disappear without warning, it will be deleted a week later. We will double-check with you if we are looking at deleting your application or account, especially if we see you online. If it's a busy time of the school year, we might stretch it a little longer than that. Active members are exempt from this rule, unless they are applying for a canon character on the canon list--and have not contacted us about any issues which might be preventing them from finishing an application within a timely manner.

4. There is no word count on this board. Basically you write what you want, but you're expected to give what you get. Quality over quantity, darling.

5. Activity is the key to every successful site. If you take a main canon, we expect you to be active. We will have sporadic activity checks, but we expect you to be active even when it's not just for an activity check.

6. If you're going to be gone for a long period of time, you must post in the absence thread. It's there for a reason. Inactivity without posting an absence can result in deletion especially if it's a main canon.

7. Don't be rude. We're all here to have a good time. If you have a problem, we'll try to resolve it the best we can but we are the bosses and we will be fair.

8. Image size restrictions stand as such: Avatars can be up to 200x300 while signatures can be up to 500x300.

9. Avatars are allowed in the c-box, but gifs are not allowed. The c-box automatically scales down the avatar sizes to 45x45, so keep that in mind when you are selecting an image to use. Try to find an HQ 100x100 icon to use.

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