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Posted by: moffat, you troll Sep 8 2011, 03:32 PM
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    The year is 2198. The boards are of major cities in the world and major cities that have been connected to the Whoverse. Outer space travel is possible but the main setting is the planet Earth.
Time Line:
    Most of the canons are out of their own timeline and some characters know others from other timelines. Confusing? It's all very timey wimey. With the new cracks in time, all who were touched by time travel, and had met the Doctor, were pulled through to be used by the Silence as bait. This is a AU site that takes place after Series 6 of the television show.
What brought them all together:
    The time cracks caused by Madame Kovarian brought all the people together. Yes, we know some should be dead but that's the beauty about the time cracks, they connected worlds, universes and they also destroyed. They reached two different parts of time to bring others out of what would be their death (i.e Time Lords) and from different periods of time.
Member Groups:
    Time Lords - The Time Lords and Time Ladies were the rulers of the planet Gallifrey. The Time Lords were said to have control over much of the structure of the universe. They had set up the Web of Time, they controlled and fixed paradoxes, and they allowed travel between parallel universes. After the near-extinction of the Time Lords during the Last Great Time War, these weren't possible. The Time Lords were led by the High Council. The Council consisted of the Lord or Lady President, the Lord or Lady Chancellor, the Castellan and Lord Cardinals.

    Time Travelers - Time Travelers fall under the category of people who traveled with the Doctor as a companion at one point or another. They all have different backgrounds, different life stories, but they all share a common factor, as do most of the canons on the site: and that is the Doctor. The only difference between the Time Travelers and those who briefly met the Doctor is that they had done so for a long period of time.

    Torchwood - The original purpose of the Torchwood Institute was to protect the British Empire (later Great Britain) from extraterrestrial threat, to capture the Doctor, and to secure alien technology for Britain. That all changed when Captain Jack Harkness took over and he applied the principles of the Doctor to how Torchwood Three was ran. The current Torchwood is Torchwood Five. Four was from Anwen Cooper's timeline and the team after Miracle Day. In 2198, the Institute is used as sort of a welcoming for aliens and to keep the peace between them and the humans.

    Government - The government encases the British and American government. It's also one of the most back-stabbing groups on the site. You don't know who to trust and who not to trust. The Silence and the Time Lords have woven their way into the government. The Silence is only interested in the Doctor but the Time Lords wish to control the government and make Earth the new Gallifrey.

    Civilians - Civilians include people who live in the current time and those whose lives had been touched by the Doctor but they were never a companion. They can be anyone, live anywhere, and do anything.

    Aliens - There are a variety of different races in the Whoverse for the aliens. They come from all sorts of universes and worlds. They come to Earth for different motivations and have come to live among the humans. Some work for the Silence and others really do come in peace.

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