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Posted by: ashleigh Sep 8 2011, 12:24 PM
River Song was born to secrecy. Unlike normal humans she never had the privilege of blabbing all of the gory details. Doing that could rip time wide open and wipe anyone and everyone she ever would or could love from the universe. No, she had to hold her tongue and wait for everything to play out regardless of whether it was going her way or not. She used to be able to distract herself from this, but lately she'd grown weary. She felt as if she carried the weight of the world on her shoulders and in some ways she did. Being stuck in this wretched old prison cell did not help her mood.

She was sitting on her cot writing in her bright blue journal when it happened. Light shot through the room so bright she shielded her eyes. A roaring noise like an amplified train pounded through the room. The room shook, reminiscent of an earthquake. Please don't let this be the end! she thought. Even as tired as she was, she was loathe to face the end. The end was so absolute and it meant no more Doctor. Luckily, when she opened her eyes she was no longer in a cell at all, but a empty car park. There were so few times that River Song was afraid, but this was one of them.


John Tyler missed traveling the world even though this body had never actually traveled. It didn't matter. He still had the memories. He envied the Doctor. But he had one thing the Doctor didn't have. He had Rose Tyler. She was his everything. Some days he thought she missed the real Doctor and traveling, but he rarely let it get to him. He was the one for her. It wasn't something he needed to think on, anyway. Right now he needed to enjoy Tony's birthday. After all. A boy only had a birthday once a year.

Rose Tyler smiled at her parents who stood behind the birthday boy who was currently shoving cake into his mouth. She slid her hand into John's. She never thought when the Doctor left him with her that they would have ever been this happy. But they were. And she missed traveling a little less every day. She caught something out of the corner of her eye and turned her head. There was a flash and then a rumble. Her father screamed, "EARTHQUAKE!" but Rose knew better. Everything shook and she latched on to John for dear life. When everything cleared, they were in a field and everything had changed.


Miracle Day had come and gone. It had not come without casualties, though. Rhys was one of the first to break the "miracle". Gwen Cooper had lost it after that. Anwen went to live with her grandmother and Gwen became obsessed with bringing Rhys back. Captain Jack Harkness didn't approve, but he didn't have the heart to stop her. They had lost so many and he was tired of watching people die. Owen. Tosh. Ianto. Steven. It was all taking a toll on him and he didn't no how much longer he could run Torchwood. He would put in his resignation soon.

Not before trying to help Gwen, though. He owed that much to her and to Anwen. He found her at what remained of the hub where she had been spending every waking moment immersed in files. Gwen looked as if she hadn't slept or showered in two weeks or more. Jack wanted to hug her or comfort her. Until he saw the device firmly latched about her wrist. He couldn't believe his eyes. How had she found one? "You can't change the past, Gwen," he said softly. She looked at him with a crazed glare and a serene smirk. "Just watch me, Jack," she said. It all happened in a matter of minutes. He lunged for her, she spun the dial, and a blast of light shot through the room. Everything shook. Gwen let out a hoarse scream and when everything settled Jack looked around to see something so similar to the hub, but newer. He got a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. What have we done?


Anwen Cooper had grown up without either of her parents. Her father had died and her mother had gone crazy, before disappearing altogether. One would think that would make her hate Torchwood, but instead she joined Torchwood. In fact, Jack Harkness was her mentor. She devoted her life to protecting the human race. Recently, she found a strange file with her name on it. In it was a strange watch and instructions on how to use it and when. The when was now. She strapped it on her hand and braced herself. What happened was not what she had thought would. A bright light and a a loud rumble. She shielded her eyes and when she opened them again she was sitting in a room full of people with shocked stares on their faces.


The Doctor had put a time lock on Gallifrey before he regenerated last time, essentially locking them on their home planet and taking time travel away from them. It was enough to make even the nicest of Time Lords a little cranky. After all, time and space ran through their veins. The cracks that Madam Kovarian had devised through unknown means had been meant for them. Their world opened up and they were all thrown to Earth. They quickly set about integrating themselves within society, but before long they noticed that they weren't the only ones the cracks had placed in this universe. They felt threatened by the Time Lords, time travelers, and various others that were popping up all over the place. All of the Time Lords, no matter where they had placed themselves in society knew one thing without a doubt. They weren't leaving this place without a fight.


The Doctor was taking the Ponds to visit their family. They had been searching for Melody without much luck and it was wearing on everyone's mood. Yes! A quick holiday to visit the in-laws would cheer everyone up. Amy was playing with the psychic paper when she let out a scoff. "Doctor, you should probably look at this!" she said, jogging over and shoving it in his hands. He looked it over and anxious emotions overwhelmed him as he processed it. "What does it mean?" Amy asked, confused. He continue to stare at the paper before he quickly plugged in the coordinates at the bottom. It was in Ancient Gallifreyan. Help me, sweetie.

The coordinates were plugged in and the TARDIS resisted. "Come on, Sexy! Don't fail me now!" he muttered while running about pulling levers and punching buttons. She protested and fought with every ounce of her being, but in the end the Doctor got what he wanted. Just not what he needed. A bright light shot across the room and they landed. Something was wrong with the TARDIS, though. The Doctor stayed behind, trying desperately to fix her while Amy and Rory left to find out exactly where they were.


This was all Madam Kovarian's doing, though she had no clue how she had done it. While scheming to rid the world of the Doctor by helping the Time Lords, she had reopened the cracks in time and they had sucked in people from all eras. Those that had contact with time travel were the ones that the cracks opened around and sucked in. They found themselves in a alternate universe that was similar to their own but different still. However, it's taking time for everyone to fill in the gaps of exactly what is different. One thing is certain. They know that this isn't the earth year 2198 that it should be.

Where were they exactly? A alternate universe version of Earth in the year 2198. The government has recently begun integrating aliens into human society if they are peaceful and stepping up their defenses against those that are not. A doctor also perfected the art of dopplegangers, or gangers. However, the price of them is outrageous so they are really only used for government purposes. The gangers they've created so far? A replica of the Ninth Doctor, plus several members of the former Torchwood teams. Essentially, the gangers are exact replicas of the original humans and share their memories and feelings. However, they originally were fragile. This doctor made them stable. Our time traveling friends have entered a strange new world and no one knows exactly what will happen next.

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